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In this contemporary age, having a website for your company or business is absolutely vital. But, it just doesn’t suffice.

Your website must be populated with highly informative, well written content providing value and engagement to your customers and appealing to your targeted audience. This is what I- a content marketer seeks to bring to your business. Research by demand metric has shown that content marketing generates over three times as many leads as outbound marketing and—costs— wait for it… 62 % less!

Furthermore, with more and more people getting their news and information online, wouldn’t it be shrewd for your business ‘to be where the people are’, and to have a thriving- and quality laden- online presence? The quality laden part is exactly where my content creation and marketing skills come in.

And, no, don’t think you have no need for a content marketer, because in this time and age, my dear, every business, no matter how big or small NEEDS a content marketer!

As part of my content marketing package for businesses, I provide;

  • Blog posts
  • Social media posts
  • Web pages, and
  • E-books; e.t.c



Are you struggling to drive sales online for your product or service? Then why not write a compelling copy? Oh wait! You are so busy that there isn’t enough time to draft a compelling copy? Or you have never written a web copy before? Or perhaps the minutiae of SEO and its ‘complexity’ is proving problematic to overcome?

Investing in copy-writing can be the deal breaker between where your business is and where it ought to be. Moreover, an enthralling and absorbing copy would give you an edge over your competition, pique a curiosity in your customers, and most importantly, drive sales and purchases.

What exactly do you want? For visitors to subscribe to your newsletter? Or, maybe it is for them to place an order and make a purchase? Or perhaps you want your phone and email lines buzzing with customers calling you for additional information? Simply put, plain old advertising would not suffice- twenty years ago, it may have, but not now.

What you absolutely need is a compelling and convincing copy- designed with such dexterity and enterprise that it would bring in customers faster than a venom F5


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