What is success to you?

what is success to youWhat is success to you? Because, I have long considered exactly what success entails and with what it should be measured.

We live in a world where the society expects success of you and friends (the not so trustworthy ones) doth troop forth when they reason you’ve succeeded.

Very early in the morning, while it is yet dawn, many have left their homes; ostensibly, in pursuit of success. At noon, there are countless under the scorching sun driven by the seemingly never ending quest for success.

Maybe, just maybe, we should pause for a minute and consider: what exactly amounts to success? What is it that everyone pursues but very few have ever truly found? 

Could it be yet another attempt to create an acme that man ought to attain and those who fail are regarded as irrelevant to society? Nevertheless, let us attempt the subject matter, shall we?

Earthlings are peculiar, unique and diverse and this diversity of human desires means there seldom exists an objective criterion with which success is measured.

Because to some, success may be the accrual of wealth and the fineries of life; to others, university degrees are the factor majeure. To another group, a big and happy family is the biggest indicator of success.

And, there yet exists many more perspectives as to what constitutes a successful life- perspectives ranging from the noble to the utterly absurd (it’s a free world after all!).

However, in all of these, a unifying concord is that the achievement of predetermined goals amounts to success. Then again, the subjectivity of human goals makes such an objective definition impossible.

Consequently, success is and should be subjective, not objective. You and you alone can and should label your success. In your life, your opinion alone (as pertaining to the predetermined goals you have achieved) is what counts as to whether you’ve succeeded or not. No one else’s is important.

Success is what you choose to define.

Yet again, I ask, what is success to you? It is of huge importance that you define your success because, as we have seen, qualifying it based on someone else’s has no basis as the diversity of human desires means the only person that can define it is you.

Jacqueline Briskin seems to have thought that much in stating: ‘Don’t take anybody else’s definition of success as your own’. And, why should you? Life here is much too short to live based on someone else’s dogma.

So, let’s say you’ve defined your success, what are you going to do to attain it? Wisdom demands that to attain a goal, one must improve in the direction of the goal.

For instance, if your goal is to become as savvy at investment decisions as, say, a Warren Buffet, you ought to consistently feed your mind with materials pertaining to investments. In the same vein, if perhaps you wish to be proficient at typing (120 WPM proficient!), you ought to practice typing- and with consistency too.

The chap who wishes to be a self-made multi billionaire and sleeps 12 odd hours a day will most likely never attain his goal. He is simply joking and is in fact on a voyage to failure.

It’s just a thought.

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