Tips to choose your friends wisely; and unleash your hidden potential!

choose your friends wiselySuccessful people are a lot of things- goal conscious, serious minded, ambitious, ravenous learners, committed, and… fussy. Yes, fussy! Fussy about who they choose to associate with. You can be sure that whoever passes the litmus test and becomes a friend would be an individual headed in a similar direction- the direction of success. And you? Are you fussy with your personal space? Do you choose your friends wisely?

Who is a friend?

I for one, find the term ‘friend’ very loosely rendered in its usage, and in a social media age, the borders have become even more vague.

Be that as it may, whatever standards you choose to measure your friends, a crucial factor should be in the value they add to your life and their importance in helping you achieve your goals; even as you help them achieve theirs.

A friendship ought to be symbiotic and should mutually benefit both parties. A friend should motivate you, improve you, and accept you for who you are.

He should be bold enough to correct you when you are wrong, and humble enough to commend you when you are right. A friend should bring out the best in you.  

You have absolutely no business being friends with someone who adds nothing in terms of positive value to your life. And, you certainly shouldn’t be friends with someone who wouldn’t contribute zilch to the realisation of your dreams.

Why you must choose your friends wisely?

In the journey of life, our paths would cross with lots and lots of people; but not everyone we come across is an essential element to the fulfilment of our dreams.

Some ought to remain acquaintances and contacts rather than become friends, and some ought to be eschewed all together. Does that make you a snob? No. Err… On second thought, maybe yes. What it also makes you is prudent.

And, to be successful in life, some of these decisions are necessary. It is this understanding that successful people have grasped.

They know when to let go of ‘certain’ persons from their life- no matter how ‘controversial’ it may seem.

They draw clear boundaries between acquaintances and friends and they are absolutely stern in the sense that anyone who isn’t supportive of their dreams, or, helping in any way takes a walk- metaphorically and otherwise.

Your goals are much too important to allow anyone pose an obstacle to its accomplishment: whoever they may be- friends, enemies, or… frenemies.

So choose your friends wisely, will you?

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