The perfect and iron-clad recipe for success

There are far more people who have failed in life than those who have succeeded. A fact represented in the world around us. Success continues to elude many earthlings. Admittedly, many who have succeeded in life failed at one time or another and some like America’s 16th President, Abraham Lincoln failed multiple times before they found success.

How to stop wasting time (and get more stuff done!)

The general consensus seems to hint that in his lifetime, the average person spends eight hours a day sleeping which translates to one-third of his life. I reckon that’s not too dis-similar from reality and thus constitutes a fairly accurate; if rather startling piece of information. Startling- because in light of this, a 90 year old has in fact lived for 60 years; with 20 years having been spent assuaging the daily exertions in sleep.