The perfect and iron-clad recipe for success

recipe for successHello there. I’ve been fairly busy lately, hence the dearth of posts- my apologies! Then again, isn’t life is extraordinary. There are far more people who have failed in life than those who have succeeded. A fact represented in the world around us. There seems to exist some sort of recipe for success that many have failed to grasp.

Admittedly, many who have succeeded in life failed at one time or another and some like America’s 16th President, Abraham Lincoln failed multiple times before they found success.

That aside however, there are so many whose lives seem to be entrenched and deep-rooted in failure. And, they constitute the majority.

With the plethora of failed lives around us, we may be forgiven for thinking that success is an illusion- an oft-spoken about El Dorado that few ever find.

Some may even think success as trying to reach for the stars. But, it isn’t. Like everything in life, there is a recipe- simple, yet effective steps that are all too certain to lead to success.

And, these aren’t rocket science stuff either. Maybe for many, that’s the problem- the air of simplicity about it. But, then again, C’est la vie!


Recipe for success, what is it?

‘If you want to be successful, it’s just this simple. Know what you are doing. Love what you are doing. Believe in what you are doing’.

I did quote that from Oklahoma’s favourite son in the yesteryear, the aphoristic Will Rodgers. Let us examine Will’s thoughts, shall we?


Know what you do

You may be thinking, but, surely everyone knows what they are doing? Well, no, not everyone does. Many coast through life with absolutely no sense of direction whatsoever.

Their lives are governed by the lives of others and because they measure themselves by someone else’s yardstick, fulfilment remains elusive to them.

You shouldn’t do something because someone else is doing it. Discover your natural inclinations and walk therein.


Love what you do

This is of the utmost essence. Apart from life being constrained by feelings of resentment when you don’t, there’s also the small matter of depression ensuing.

Love what you do to such an extent that the sound of the morning alarm clock stirs up feelings of joy in your innermost being and you’re excited merely thinking about your job, craft or business. It needn’t be a chore.

If you feel sad thinking it, then you should look inside and discover your innermost passions. Life is far better (and enjoyable) when you love what you do. #Fact.


Believe in what you do

Now you know what you are doing- harmonious with your passions; do you believe in the validity of your methods? Do you believe enough to see yourself successful?

When belief takes over doubts, you mind progresses to instigate visuals of you in triumph- giving you a mental picture of what your success will look like. You have got to believe that you can.

In fact, “I can’t” shouldn’t be in your vocabulary. I find belief to be the most significant factor for success. And, so did Will Rodgers.

There you have it- the perfect recipe for success. In respect to what you are doing, know it, love it and believe in it; then shall you find success in it.

That’s all from me. Later!


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