freelance web content writer

Hi, I am Precious Marho. I was 9 years old when I started writing and proofreading application letters for older folks.


Nowadays, I write engaging content for companies seeking to better connect with their readers, drive sales, and leads.

I’m a nature lover, an anti-snob, and a patiently enduring Arsenal supporter. These days, I speak three languages, technically two – because Hausa I have to mix with English. Oh well.


A Rhapsody of Realities fan and an audience member of Mike Rosenberg (Otherwise known as Passenger), I am an Engineering degree holder and an Associate Environmental Safety Manager.


When I’m not enduring watching Arsenal FC, I spend my R & R on practicing French, getting whipped at Chess, and reading. I’ve dutifully read all of Dan Brown’s and a couple of Elizabeth Lowell’s. Self-development books, however, are my forte; and the inspiration behind this blog.


Starting in October 2017, the Success Charisma blog is birthed on a mission to through practical, succinct advice – with Christian overtones – incite a success consciousness and inspire people to be better. 

Growing up, I was plagued by limiting feelings of self-doubts, insecurities, and other people’s perceptions of me. Ancient history, that.

Dismissed when I happened on Songs of Solomon chapter number four, verse 7.


‘You’re altogether wonderful, my darling. There is no flaw in you.’

I’ve personalized and held onto those words ever since.


But, I digress.

Another of my pastime is movies. The ‘before trilogy’, ‘Juno’, and ‘un cinq á sept’ being particular favorites. And then, there’s the Original Series. Quite frankly, growing tired of Klaus’s demeanor, Elijah’s sophistication or Marcel’s boyish refinement has proven a tad bit difficult.

Writing and planning content strategy, however, is much easier. 

Writing and planning content strategy, however, is much easier. And, if you need result-oriented copy that humanizes your brand, turns prospects into customers, and aptly represents your business; all within budget, let’s talk about it.

If you’d like to whip me at a game of online Chess, however… get across anyhow. But have in mind, I may yet surprise you.