freelance writer in Nigeria

I am a freelance writer in Nigeria and I offer a variety of writing services- largely limited to individuals and businesses within Nigeria.

Ranging from advertorials to grant writing and thought leadership articles, my singular focus is to through these services, eliminate abysmal writing and help businesses operate at their full potential.


Yes, I am an advertorial writer for businesses seeking to promote their agenda in newspapers and magazines.

These articles are geared to provide useful information, education (and sly promotion) of your product, service, business and event; and to encourage its usage and patronage!

Annual reports

If yours is a non-profit or publicly traded company, you’re likely required to write an annual report outlining and analysing your company’s activities over the year in review.

You needn’t morph into an annual report writer, because I help companies meticulously tackle these pages of mountainous text so that no stone is left unturned and accounts are professionally and effectively reported.


Describing your event and business via a booklet or pamphlet? Then let’s do it properly.

Let’s design and write your brochures with such attention-grabbing skill that it compels the readers to action.  

Grant Writing

Are you seeking funds from sponsors or a funding organisation? Or, you would like to apply for grants from the government? Then you must go through the arduous task of grant writing.

Arduous because not only must your grants and proposals be very well-written, it must effectively communicate your business goals to convince the financier to hand over the funds.

So much is at stake, and rather than lose out on these grants because of terrible writing, you can hire a grant writer to professionally and compellingly present your case before the financier.

Internal communications

I write content for companies with tons and tons of internal communication, say, memos and newsletters.

Are you a line manager overburdened with generating numerous correspondence? As a freelance writer in Nigeria, I urge you to take a breather, outsource your correspondence, and have them delivered on time (and trust-worthily!)


Haven’t been required to give a speech yet? Well, you soon will. There are several occasions- political, business, social events etc. – where speeches are de rigueur.

And when that day comes, why fret about the content of your speech when you can hire a speech writer?

I help create structural, engaging, and concise speeches that will get your message across and perfectly suit your audience.

Thought Leadership

As a CEO and corporate head, you may seek a feature in a business magazine or newspaper, where you can share your story, ideas and really position yourself as the go to authority in your industry.

I ghost write these by-lined articles and when necessary, will pitch the publications for placement; ensuring your ideas are very well presented.