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How to easily develop a positive mindset (and become more successful)

positive mindset article by freelance safety and oil and gas writerHello there! Do you know that success in life is not by chance? And, it doesn’t occur by accident? You and more pertinently, your mindset, have a role to play.


And whether or not you are aware; even at this moment, through your actions, you are laying the building blocks for a successful life, or a not-so-successful life.

However, your actions are not really the problem. Your mindset instigates your actions, and having a positive mindset makes an enormous difference in the pursuit towards your goals. But first, what is a mind-set?



The urban dictionary simply defines mindset as ‘outlook towards life’. It is a mental disposition that shapes the thoughts patterns and drives actions.


Believe it or not, successful people have a mind-set- not too dissimilar thought patterns and very similar outlook towards life. Relatedly, unsuccessful people have a very similar outlook towards life.


Before I delve further, can I ask you a couple of questions? When you couldn’t quite achieve that goal, what thoughts came to your mind? Did you think, ‘oh, I am a failure, I am not good enough, maybe the others are better than me’, etc.?  Or, you thought, ‘I am the best, I am more than good enough, I couldn’t quite do it now, but I can do it, and I will do it’!


Another question, when you checked your pockets or your bank accounts and the figures looked seriously deficient, what thoughts came to your mind? Did you think, ‘I am poor, Or, you thought, I just don’t have money now but I am rich nonetheless’?


You see, the second answers in both questions may sound delusional or may even seem to bear a hint of chimerism. On the contrary, however, they are the product of a positive mindset- a success mindset!


I remember reading the introductory chapters in Robert Kiyosaki’s ‘rich dad, poor dad’ a few years ago, and being left astounded by the different thought patterns of both dads.


Whereas poor dad’s recommendation was ‘study hard so you can find a good company to work for’, rich dad’s was ‘to study hard so you can find a good company to buy’. Whereas poor dad had a habit of saying, ‘I can’t afford it’, rich dad’s thinking was, ‘how can I afford it?’ They both thought differently and they both had different results.


How far you will go in life is influenced by your thinking pattern. You cannot think failure and expect to be success, and you cannot think mediocrity and expect to be big. To have positive outcomes, you must have a positive mindset.


The pertinent question however is: can a mind-set be changed?


How to have (and keep) a positive mindset

Well, our thought patterns are determined by the information we have received. The information you accepted formed the beliefs that birthed your mind-set.

Basically, information generates thoughts and pattern of thoughts give you a mind-set. If you can change the information, then you can change the mind-set! By choosing now to isolate yourself from the wrong information, and to accept the right information, you’d be on course to developing a success mind-set.

It’s a case of information swap and replace. In Rev Chris’s very exceptional  book, ‘The power of your mind’, he introduces the idea of mind management which he describes as ‘the concept of reorganising or reprogramming your mind (its contents and processes) with God’s Word and aligning your thinking, perceptions and mind-set about God, other people, the world and yourself, with His word’.


For digital natives, he simply asks, ‘can you access your mental hard drive to see what files you need to delete and the new ones you need to download and install’? I believe we all  can.


That’s all for now. Until next time.


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