How to stop wasting time (and get more stuff done!)

how to stop wasting timeWe must, as a matter of urgency, learn how to stop wasting time. Why?

Here’s a fact: The general consensus is that in his/her lifetime, the average person spends eight hours a day sleeping which translates to one-third of his life.

I reckon that’s not too dis-similar from reality and thus constitutes a fairly accurate; if rather startling piece of information.

Startling- because in light of this, a 90 year old has in fact lived for 60 years; with 20 years having been spent assuaging the daily exertions in sleep. 

Be that as it may, sleep is absolutely essential for mental and physical health and this post is by no means an attempt to downgrade on its importance in our lives.

However, it is a reminder that because of the time spent asleep; there exists upon us a greater onus to maximise the time spent awake. And, the martial arts icon Bruce Lee agrees. These are his words:

‘If you love life, don’t waste time for time is what life is made up of’.

And, honestly, I couldn’t agree more.

We have been given 24 hours in a day and what we decide to do with it is entirely up to us. Whether or not we choose to add genuine value to our life or spend our days on trivialities; again, is entirely up to us.

How to stop wasting time using… the 86400 dollar rule!

Marc Mancini in his 2003 book on time management, made an absolutely remarkable analogy.

Imagine, if you may, that the 86400 seconds in a day is in fact 86400 dollars with the rules being that whatever part of this ‘sum’ is left unspent at the end of every day is lost and no savings are allowed.

From a human standpoint, wouldn’t you want to spend every single penny of your 86400 dollars every day? I know I would.

But here’s the point: With the same urgency that we’d seek to spend the 86400 dollars should we also seek to spend our daily stipend of 86400 seconds. We must take charge of our lives and stop wasting time

The inner positive strive in the core of man’s spirit to take control of his live and to dictate the course of his future is only winnable when he takes control of his time.

Pioneers from Leonardo Da Vinci to Thomas Edison made significant contributions to their generations and indeed, to posterity because they took control of their time. They learnt how to stop wasting time.

They did productive things and are alive today in their innovations from which we all benefit.

What are you doing with your time? What will the next generation benefit from your sojourn here? As good a question there may not be.

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