In this contemporary age, having a website for your company or business is absolutely vital. But, it doesn’t suffice.

Your website must be populated with highly informative, well written content providing value and engagement to your customers and appealing to your targeted audience. Is your web copy achieving this objective?


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Poorly written web copy will turn prospective customers away from your web page. Readers may not like or identify with your brand. Your leads will not be converted. Your company will struggle to make sales online.

Well written and targeted copy however, will connect with your readers, engage them, build trust and really position you as an authority in your space. Besides, readers are more likely to buy from you when they connect with, like and trust your brand. Your sales will soar.

This is what I seek to bring to your business. As part of my content marketing package for businesses, I provide tailored;


 blog postsBlog Posts:  Blogs are important for several reasons; amongst them boosting SEO. Content however, remains king. 

Ideally, your blog should have readable and shareable content that projects the ethos of your brand, and establishes you as an expert on a subject. This sort of content, I can help you create.


freelance blogger and whitepaper butlerWhite papers: Is your product or service so unfamiliar that you have a need to ‘sell’ the idea? Do you want to be seen as an authority or an expert in what you do? Well then, white papers may just be what you need.

They are extremely potent tool at creating brand awareness and thought leadership.

Whitepapers may be in the form of e-books, special reports, guides etc.  They are a longer than normal article that explains a new or better way to solve a problem, and when properly written, will literally do wonders for your business.


Emails and newslettersEmail and Newsletter Copy-writing: ‘Unless you build an email list, you’d find it difficult to turn your readers into actual paying customers’. Chances are, you must have heard that line before. And, yes, it’s true.

You need emails and newsletters to connect on a more personal level to your audience and customers, profitably market and build loyalty. Hiring a copywriter will help improve your email campaigns, increase click-ins and conversion.


landing pagesLanding Pages/ sales page: Even as more and more time is spent online, research has shown that web users are ever more quickly to judge a website in no more than a passing glance.

This is exactly why your website’s first impression should captivate and arouse interest in your readers.

A more compelling and fascinating landing page will mean audiences are more likely to hang around on your website; and some of them, will be paying customers. 

Moreover, selling a product or a service on an online page really does require expertise. You want to convert your visitors into customers without appearing to be overly salesy. But you do want to make a sale.

It’s a delicate balancing act. Have me write your sales page or improve your already existing web copy and watch your sales shoot up.


Press releases: Have your company made such significant progress that needs to be trumpeted? Is there a newsworthy event that you want the world to hear about? Writing and pitching a press release to a journalist should do the trick.

Because journalists are incredibly busy people, your press release must be compelling enough to demand attention. Let me help you.


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