freelance content strategist

Want to hire a freelance content strategist? Nice.

Part of what I offer businesses is to help formulate a strategy and see to its implementation.

Because, it’s not good enough to simply blog!

Yes, blogs are important for several reasons; amongst them boosting SEO.  

And, ideally your blog should be populated with readable and shareable content that projects the ethos of your brand, and establishes you as an expert on a subject. As an example, here’s mine.

This will help you connect on a more personal level to your audience and potential customers – provide useful information, and build loyalty.

However, there’s more to blogging than churning out whatever strikes your fancy.

There’s content marketing, which is literally marketing your content.

And, for your content marketing efforts to be effective, you must have a clear and actionable strategy.

My content strategy package includes:

  • Researching competition
  • Researching keywords and SEO
  • Crafting unique and compelling headlines
  • Studying analytics
  • Formulating an editorial and marketing calendar, and a,
  • Call to action

Simply put, I don’t just write for you.

I make sure it’s relevant to your audience, distinctive from your competition, and promotes your marketing and business goals.

So what are you waiting for? Want to hire a freelance content strategist?

Contact me now to plan your content strategy and write your blogs at an affordable rate.