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About me

precious marho, freelance writer

Hi, I’m Precious Marho

I was 9 years old when I started writing and proofreading application letters for older folks.

Nowadays, I write engaging content for safety companies, safety service companies and oil & gas companies who are seeking to better connect with their readers, drive sales and leads.

A degree in Petroleum Engineering and a certification in occupational safety (plus my uncanny penchant for words), makes me finely tuned to the content requirements of both industries.

Every single time I write, my goal is to educate, inspire and provoke the readers to action.

If you need copy that humanises your brand, turns prospects into customers and aptly represents your business; all within your budget, let’s talk about it.

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About the blog

This is a blog founded out of a mission of to create a discourse around success; creating a community that seeks to inspire, motivate and incite its members to lead a better life.

It is my desire that from reading the contents on this blog, you’d gain practicable wisdom that will produce fruits of success in your life. Through practical, succinct advice and insights, I hope to contribute positively to the realisation of your goals, dreams and aspirations.

Follow me as we journey together towards the very zenith of life.