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This is a blog whose main aim, goal and purpose is to add value. The mission of this blog is to create a discourse around success, and create a community that seeks to inspire, motivate and incite its members to lead a better life.

It is my desire that from reading the contents on this blog, you’d gain practicable wisdom that, in a few months or years time would have produced fruits of success in your life. Through practical, succinct advice and insights, I hope to contribute positively to the realisation of your goals, dreams and aspirations.

Follow me as we journey together towards the very zenith of life.

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Who runs this blog?

precious marho, freelance writer

My name is Precious Marho and first of all, I just want to let you are amazing- yes, you are! For now, I’ll spare you the biblical assertions to that fact, maybe another time.

I am a Christian, and a highly motivated writer who is very passionate about self improvement, and growth. I have always wondered the chief cause of success and I thought it wise to share some of my insights on the subject. Writing is my passion- it’s what I love doing and being an ardent believer in the notion of ‘do what you love’, I decided to start up this blog to share a few of my thoughts on my passion.

Anyways, other than writing, I read a lot (maybe too much), my library- if I can call it a library is loaded with motivational books and books pertaining to life and success- and it is this wealth of knowledge from which I hope to share here. I hope to lead an amazing life and to inspire others to do same- living above the tenets of this world and truly taking charge of their lives.

Perhaps you want to have an uplifting conversation? Get across to me on precious@successcharisma.com or click here to fill out a contact form and I’d get back to you pronto.Thank you!

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